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From the first century A.D. up to today, the Orthodox faith is given inviolate and lived according to the ancient canons of the early Church. Our parish, whose patron is St. Innocent of Moscow, is part of this historic continuity. The primary mission of St. Innocent's is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and services of the Russian Orthodox Church, to the people of America in the English language. We welcome you to our church community.

Dormition Fast

August, 2015
The St. Innocent of Moscow Brotherhood of St. Alexander Nevsky invites you to the following Devotions to the Theotokos during the Dormition Fast:

-Friday, August, 14th -7:00pm-Small Compline & Akathist to the Theotokos
-Tuesday, August 18th -7:00p.m. Paraklesis, followed by a lecture "The Theotokos & The Liturgy" by Fr. Jeremiah Loch.
-Tuesday, August 25th-7:00p.m. Paraklesis, followed by a lecture "The Theotokos & The Holy Mountain" by Emma Michet.

Additionally the following services will be held at the Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral:

- Wednesday, August, 19th : Transfiguration
- Friday, August 28th : Dormition of the Theotokos

Holy Theotokos of Iveron Myrrh Streaming Icon

August, 2015
The icon is scheduled to be at:
the St. Constantine and Helen Orthodox Church, 5406 N. Newland Ave, Chicago, IL.
on August 23, with a service beginning at 5:30pm. 773-353-7416.

the New Gracanica Monastery, 35240 W. Grant Ave, Third Lake, IL. on August 24,
with a service beginning at 5:30pm. 847-223-4300.


January, 2015
Prosphora (Greek for "offering") are small bread loaves used in the Proskomedia, or, Office of Oblation, that is celebrated by the priest prior to the Divine Liturgy. A small portion of the bread is used for this service, and after the Liturgy the remainder is given to the person for whom the bread was reserved. It is sanctified and must be treated with reverence and respect.

You may reserve prosphora before any Liturgy for that day alone. Please fill out a commemorative list of names of your Orthodox family and friends for their Health or Repose. Place your donation of $1 per prosphora in the box-slot marked ?for prosphora? on the candle desk. Help yourself to the prosphora in the plastic bag, or on a tray and place both the list and the prosphora on a small tray on the candle desk. The tray will be picked up and delivered into the altar. This must be done before the Trisagion prayer - the thrice holy hymn (Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us?)

A full year subscription for prosphora is available. You make a commemorative list of names for the Health and Repose of your family and friends, as a page or two in a special booklet, or on a simple form the church can provide for you. As a subscriber, both the list you make and the prosphora you reserve are presented for use in the Proskomedia each Sunday, whether or not you are in attendance. The names on the list are read during the prayers of the Proskomedia.

For each prosphora you wish to reserve there is a minimum donation of $40. As in years past, and as is the tradition in many parishes, the donations collected are given to our priest.

Your reserved prosphora are ready for you to collect at the dismissal "kissing of the cross." Typically, they are consumed after Communion, however taking them home ?for later? is quite alright. In any case, the blessed bread should be handled with reverence. The wrapping paper may be placed in a tall standing basket in the hall, from which it is collected for burning.

Please do not take a reserved prosphora without a reservation, and watch that your young children do likewise.

Questions? Comments? Please see Paul Shukin.

Annual Church Picnic

September 14, 2014 Some photos from the recent church picnic commemorating our 14th Anniversay. ...link

Childhood and Adult Christian Spirituality

Fr. Jeremiah
March 10, 2014 St. Paul writes, When I was a child I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. (1 Cor. 13:11) Here we are reminded that spiritual understanding and living life connected with spiritual understandings is a process growth ...link


Fr. Jeremiah
March 1, 2014 As some of you know, I have a "cell" at a retreat center in the country on 40 acres that I spend a lot of time at. I was out walking a recent morning, with the sun shining brightly across the land, on the untouched snow, over the lake and upon the trees, many of them hiding the walking trails. At one moment as I stood still, unfocused, aware of the silence and the sounds of nature, I had a vivid all-encompassing realization of the Oneness of everything. While I was aware of the oneness of the limited geography ...link

Presentation on Orthodoxy in Guatemala


December 29, 2013 Fr. Peter has been tapped to establish a new seminary in Guatemala to educate the priests that will care for the approximately 150,000 native Central Americans who are becoming Orthodox en masse at the present time. He provided our parish with a short presentation about the mass conversion taking place in Central America and the new seminary he is establishing. The coversion of Guatemala represents the largest Orthodox mass conversion since Russia. ...link

The Gifts of the Magi


December 29, 2013 Not without reason, my brethren, were there three gifts at the manger Of Christ; three -- no more, no less. Was this a sign of the Most Holy Trinity as the essence of the Godhead; or did it symbolize the triune nature of Christ's future ministry: prophetic, royal, priestly; or was it perhaps an expression of the three parts of the nature of man: spirit, soul, and body? We leave it up to your faith and reasoning to consider this question. ...link


Photos from church school
Photos taken June 10th 2013 of church children baking prosphora
Photos taken from May 5th Paschal Midnight Liturgy in 2013
Photos taken from May 4th Paschal Matins in 2013
Photos taken from May 4th Vesperal Liturgy in 2013
Photos taken from Good Friday at Saint Innocent in 2013


September 28, 2013 - Exhaultation of the Cross
May 5, 2013 - Preperation for Pascha
April 13, 2013 - Feast Day Photos
March 28, 2013-The Institute of Lent
The front of the parish building for St. Innocent of Moscow (ROCOR)