Some recent photos:

Photos taken from May 5th Paschal Midnight Liturgy in 2013
Photos taken from May 4th Paschal Matins in 2013
Photos taken from May 4th Vesperal Liturgy in 2013
Photos taken from Good Friday at Saint Innocent in 2013
Photos taken from Feast Day at Saint Innocent in 2013
Photos First Communion for two baby girls: Xenia and Maria, 2015

A gallery of photographs taken by photographers at St. Innocent's. This first picture is icon of the parish's patron saint, St. Innocent. The parish building as seen from outside. A priest holding a candle. A golden-robed acolyte holding a candle. A black and white photograph of little girls holding candles at a feast. A priest chanting in the nave. A dark picture of the choir singing. A priest reading the Gospel before a large wooden cross. The choir director reading. The sun shining past the faithful through a window. A priest chanting amidst acolytes and candles. A priest reading in candlelight in the nave. A priest turning away in candlelight. A closeup of a golden-hued oil lamp before an icon of St. Innocent. A black and white photograph of candles prepared for Pascha. A choir director with upraised hands. A tassel of cloth hanging below metalwork. A golden oil lamp against a golden-hued backdrop. A parishioner praying besides an icon stand. The choir director standing across from the choir. A black and white photograph of the choir director behind a music stand. A church choir standing behind lamps and music stands. A silhouette of the choir against a window in a darkened room. The choir standing behind their choir stands and in front of icons. A dark black-and-white picture of liturgy in the nave. Acolytes next to a priest chanting. An acolyte lighting three candles in front of five loaves of bread. A white-robed catechumen holds a book. A white-robed priest reads next to a white-robed catechumen. A catechumen holds a candle and follow a priest holding a cross around a baptismal font. A priest swings a censor inside the altar room. A priest gives the holy mysteries of communion to the children and then other faithful. A candlelit scene of incense, bread, and intricate rugs in the nave. A priest stands before an alter with a golden chalice and paten, books and a cross. An oil lamp before icons of the Mother of God. Light shines through the nave before the open royal doors at church. A priest stands in candlelight. A priest stands in full liturgical vestments. Faithful stand before an icon stand as light streams through the window. Icons, lamps, and an open window in Bright Week. A priest stands beyond the royal doors with the holy gifts. Young women hold candles for a candlelight vigil. A priest and acolytes hold Paschal candles. The faithful stand before the open royal doors at Pascha. A white-robed priest holds cross and candles at Pascha. The Deacon's Door stands open next to the icon of the Mother of God at Pascha. A mother holds a very little girl. Priest and parishioners pray in the nave on Great and Holy Saturday. Sunlight streams through an empty nave. Royal doors stand open in a brightly lit nave. Sunlight streams past a priest reading from a stand. One acolyte makes a comment to another. Acolytes lead the faithful in a Paschal procession outside. Two choristers. The shroud is carried. The cloths for the icon stand are changed from Lenten black to Paschal white. The shroud with the Gospel book on top. Easter lilies enfold the shroud and the royal doors stand open with the priest raising his hands. A parishioner venerates an icon. An analoy icon stand. Suhlight streams through the nave, the royal doors open, while the golden-hued priest serves.