December 2019 schedule

NB: The Nativity Fast ends of January 6th.


  • Contemplative silent prayer time in Church on most Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Check on the homepage for each week
  • Please join us for Vespers on Saturday 21st, and stay for communal meal and game night!  Bring any food compatible with the fast

For your Nativity plans:
We will have the Vigils of the Nativity at 6pm of January 6,
and Divine Liturgy on January 7th at 10 am.


December 2019


Anthony’s Baptism

at the doorOn October 12, Anton Astling was baptized, and received the name of Anthony.

Venerable Anthony the Roman, abbot of Novgorod (1147), is commemorated on August 16/August 3. Click on his name on this page to learn more about his life. 

You can listen to part of Father John’s sermon for the occasion:

And on the next Sunday, Anthony received Holy Communion