How to build your own analoy icon stand

analoyStart by acquiring good looking (clear), strong, straight, 2×2 lumber in 8 foot sections.
You will need 3 sections for one analoy.
The actual dimensions of the lumber should be 1+1/2″ x 1+1/2″,
though nowadays some 2×2 lumber is actually only 1+3/8″ x 1+3/8″.
These instructions are for 1+1/2″ x 1+1/2″ lumber; adjust accordingly for the smaller dimensions**.

Parts list:

  • 2 LONG LEGS (back legs). These are cut at one end on an angle of 15 degrees.
  • 2 SHORT LEGS (front legs). These are cut at one end on an angle of 15 degrees.
  • 8 RAILS
  • 1 LIP – a thin board to hold the icon from sliding off.
  • 16 wood screws – 3″ long.
  • 4 wood screws – 1″ long.
  • Glue or small nails to mount the lip.

To assemble:

  • From an 8 foot section you obtain one LONG LEG and one SHORT LEG.
  • Cut an 8 foot section on a 15 degree angle to obtain your first LONG LEG.
    The LONG LEG is 47 inches long along the back edge. See PHOTO 1.
  • Cut down the other shorter piece so that its back edge is 43 inches long.

analoy photo 1

  • This piece is your first SHORT LEG. See Illustration 1.
  • Repeat the above to obtain your other two legs.
  • From the last 8 foot section cut eight 11+1/4″ lengths (the 8 RAILS).
  • Assemble the rails and legs using the 3″ screws.
    Make sure the rails are at 90 degree angles to the legs.
    Make sure the angle cuts are all facing the same way. (slope forward).

analoy illustration 1

The TOP PLATE is a piece of 1/4 or 3/8 plywood cut to 14+1/2″ x 15″.

  • Attach the top plate to the angled ends of the legs using the 1″ screws.
  • Attach the lip using small nails into the top of the front legs or glue it on.

In Christ,
Paul Shukin
Starosta, St. Innocent of Moscow Russian Orthodox Church

** Simply make the rails 11+1/2″ long. All other measurements remain the same.