Liturgical Services Livestreaming options

Dear Parishioners,

With Father Jeremiah’s blessing, here are some resources to help you pray at home:

As Divine Liturgy is cancelled at Saint Innocent, you can follow the Divine Liturgy through audio or video streaming.
Here are some directives suggested by Father Gregory Joyce (Archbishop Peter’s secretary) for his own parish:
The Divine Services should not be background noise. One should PARTICIPATE in the services.
How? Something along these lines is appropriate:

A. Gather the family at the icon corner
B. Turn down the lights
C. Light the oil lamp
D. Turn on the live stream
E. Pray with us: cross yourself at the appropriate time, maintain silence, do prostrations with us for the prayer of St. Ephraim, sing the hymns with us that we sing together, etc.

Live stream video:

– See this list here:

Holy Cross Monastery, the English speaking ROCOR monastery in West Virginia (Eastern Time), has decided to stop receiving visitors during the virus crisis.
So instead they have started offering livestreaming video for all their services, including Sunday Divine Liturgy.

Excellent video and sound.

You can access their livestream on Facebook:


If you don’t have facebook, you can go to Youtube:
It will show LIVE when the stream is on.


NB: some live videos seem to be only on Facebook, some on both Facebook and Youtube. You can watch some of them in replay, not all of them.
And here you can find their Lenten Schedule (Eastern Time):

– In Russian, there’s our Cathedral livestream (through Youtube), at 9am:

– In English:
Saint Vladimir ROCOR parish in Ann Harbor, MI(this is on Facebook): Live Stream Video
Divine Liturgy begins at 9am Central Time

– All services at Saint John’s ROCOR Cathedral in Mayfield, PA
Vespers – Saturdays at 3:00 PM CT
Matins – Sundays at 7:00 AM CT
Divine Liturgy – Sundays at 8:30 AM CT
: click on the icon where it says “LIVE”. They don’t save them, so after it says “ENDED”

Live Stream Audio

at Saint Vladimir ROCOR parish (it will work only at the time itself.
Divine Liturgy begins at 9am Central Time

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