2022 Annual Parish Meeting

This Sunday October 16, after Divine Liturgy, our parish held its 2022 Annual Parish meeting.

Last year, the weather allowed us to have delicious homemade ice cream.
This year, the main feature on the menu was soup, as our row of slow cookers illustrates.

Here are a few pictures from our community meal and meeting.
And while the elders were debating, a younger member used her time wisely by focusing on her homework!

Our parish 25th anniversary

By the grace of God, this Sunday, September 25, 2022, we celebrated our Saint Innocent parish 25th anniversary.

To begin this special day,
Alice and Mike were received into the catechumenate:

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Here are a few pictures from the Divine Liturgy:

You can listen to Father Jeremiah’s homily here.

And from our festive picnic: