Nativity 2020-2021

Christ is Born, Glorify Him!

Nativity 2021 icons

Pictures before Divine Liturgy:

Saint Innocent Nativity 21a


Traditionally on this day, in lieu of sermon, we read the Nativity Epistles sent by our hierarchs. Please find here the text of those read today:

Father Jeremiah celebrated his last Divine Liturgy as our rector on December 27.
A heartfelt thank you, Father Jeremiah, for all your years of service as rector!

Fr Jeremiahs blessing

Skype conferencing

Skype conferencing

As our Church is closed, Father Jeremiah is planning on offering our parishioners a spiritual reflection through Skype Conferencing.

It will be this Sunday, March 22 at 7pm.

Please be sure you have Skype installed on your computer, phone, ipad or other e-device.

We will send you a link through your email shortly before, so that you can join the conference.

And as Mathuska Emma was not able to give her talk on The Lenten Journey to Joy, she will do so on Wednesday, March 25, also at 7pm.

We are planning on recording our conferencing to be able to share them with people outside our parish.
We are limiting the live skype conferencing to our parishioners for the simple technical fact that free skype conferencing only allows 50 connections