Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday 2021

This year, the Lazarus Saturday-Palm Sunday weekend was very communal and filled with many blessings this year at Saint Innocent. Thanks to all who participated!

We started with an intense morning of church cleaning and beautification of the grounds. Here are a few pictures of our parishioners hard at work:

First of all, setting up the tent:

Everyone was hard at work:

Even our youngest parishioner participated:

Before and after:

Can you see any weed left? No, all gone!

Well deserved rest after hard work:

Liturgical and pastoral work was included:

Can you guess why these two icons are now in the sanctuary?
The Theotokos of Tikhvin:
She is the patron saint of Father Deacon Gregory’s ordination day
Saint Menas:
He is the patron saint of Father John’s ordination day

Then in the evening, Palm Sunday Vespers and the blessing of the Palms:

Before Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy,
Timothy was received into the catechumenate:

Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy:

Come this way to listen to Father John’s homily